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Strategic Alliances

M.A.N. AG & NEOPLAN AG, and VISEON AG wish to participate with Golden Avatar in the revitalization of the Trolley Bus infrastructure, and production of 5000 plus Trolley Buses, including continuous management, and operation.

MAN AG is a German Engineering Company based in Munich, and is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of engineering equipment and commercial vehicles. MAN AG is a world leader in commercial truck & bus manufacturing, producing over one hundred thousand vehicles per year, and is a trailblazer in the field of Vehicle Integration Hybrid Drive technology.

Apogee Attractions offers a full spectrum of services for theme park design, amusement park design, water parks, themed resorts, cultural attractions, and all varieties of themed visitor attractions. The Apogee team is comprised of some of the most experienced and exciting theme park producers, designers, and operators in the industry today, people who have worked on some of the biggest visitor attractions worldwide who have the knowledge and talent to make your venture a success. Utilizing this knowledge and the best people and firms throughout the theme park industry, Apogee Attractions is in an unequaled position to shape your vision into a profit making reality.

Bombardier Transportation is a German Company based in Berlin and is the world‘s leading manufacturer of rail vehicle Systems and their associated Subsystems. Bombardier Transportation is a world leading supplier of propulsion system for rail bound vehicle äs well äs other kinds of vehicles including Trolley Buses, people mover Systems and monorails, producing over ten thousand propulsion Systems, and is a innovative trailblazer in the field propulsion system technology, vehicle communication and management system technology.

The Company holds leading market positions in all its business areas. Bombardier Transportation is one of the top companies in the rail vehicle market world wide. The Company history can be traced back to two main branches. One is the well know Brown Bovery & Cie and the other one is the founder of Bombardier Joseph-Armand Bombardier who founded Bombardier in the year 1942. As of January 2008, its 31,485 employees are present in more than 60 countries, with 43 production sites in 21 countries, and over 100,000 vehicles in Operation, generated total turn over of a about €7.8 billion. We look forward to the challenges of this most exciting project, and to act as a Trolley Bus propulsion system supplier.

Thank you for your kind invitation to participate with Golden Avatar in providing solar power to the project. As you know, AVA Solar is in the process of commercializing a breakthrough manufacturing process for producing cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film photovoltaic modules that enable the production of PV modules at an industry leading cost.

AVA Solar’s proprietary technology will enable the production of low-cost PV modules and will significantly reduce the cost of generating solar electricity. Production capacity will be scaled rapidly to meet the fast growing demand for solar energy.

Using cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film technology, AVA Solar has perfected a robust, industrial-scale, continuous process for producing solar PV modules. Over the past five years, AVA Solar has successfully performed testing simulating 30 years of field exposure. These tests indicate efficiency and stability performance comparable to the leading CdTe-based modules currently on the market.

AVA Solar is currently in the process of scaling up its initial production lines for a variety of large-scale, grid-connected applications.As the project develops, it would be a great honor and our pleasure to work with Avatar to make available our thin photovoltaic (PV) modules to help generate clean, renewable electricity in support of the project.

VAMED Management und Services GmbH & CO. KG to Golden Avatar has been retained for Conceptualization and Management and Operation of the 55 Railway Station Emergency Centers in the region of Mumbai for the SPES India Program. VAMED GROUP is an internationally experienced specialist in the field of Health care facility development equipment procurement and installation and all aspects of Hospital facility management. VAMED is a pioneer in the development of innovative health care facilities worldwide, including Arab countries, China, Africa, and Asia.

VAMED is dedicated to the delivery of high quality medicine in a responsible, businesslike framework. VAMED has a history of consistent and positive growth, as well as successful financial performance. The group employees approximately 6,000 co-workers including specialists in architecture, facility systems and biomedical equipment, operational organization, function planning and management etc.

VAMED is aiming to support this project with the company’s valued expertise and long-term experienced Conceptualization, Management, and Maintenance knowledge, and is looking forward to mastering the requirements set-forth in the Avatar Mgmt. Mandate to Act.

VAMED believes that it can efficiently perform with the required expert skills and resources to professionally set up the Conceptualization, and Management Planning as well as Start-up of this project for its successful realization during the intended period.

FCP is an international consulting engineering company in the field of structural engineering with 200 staff members including associated companies. FCPs can refer back to over 30 years of experience in developing, designing and realizing large scale infrastructure projects, particularly in the areas of health (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) and transportation (roads, subways, railways, stations).

As already mentioned in our discussions, FCPs core competences are the development and design of infrastructure projects, from the feasibility study and general project to the detail design, site supervision and putting into operation.

Project phases beyond the general project, can realistically only be realized in cooperation with a local partner, having the knowledge of the individually different laws, procedures, customs and traditions of the host country. We will put all efforts and proficiency in the conscientious and successful realization of these extraordinary projects concerning SPES India and are looking forward to a productive partnership with AVATAR.