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Erich Hauser

Erich A HauserMr. ERICH HAUSER; Chairman of Golden Avatar Environmental Technologies LLC

Education: Majored in Economics at Moorpark, California, Northridge Military Academy, Ft. MacArthur Leadership Academy, California.

Erich Hauser’s career began at age five performing live Radio commercials for the Sunkist Orange Juice Company. Son of the late, Academy Award winner, Producer, Dwight Hauser, he was born and raised over a lake in the Sherwood Forest of Southern California. At age ten he hit the Play boards in “See The Jaguar” with childhood friend, Kurt Russell. After a summer serving as a page in the California State Assembly under Jessie Unruh in Sacramento, he shed politics at the ripe old age of twelve and began developing his writing skills for Warner Brother’s Warner Brothers Television. There, he re-wrote scripts for his father. Projects included The Fugitive, Twelve O’clock High, and McHale’s Navy.

Erich was cast in the Vietnam War drama “The siege of Fire Base Gloria” filmed in an active war zone in South East Asia. Next, Erich made the trek to Africa establishing film locations in SWETO, home of Mr. Nelson Mandela. Thereupon, Erich joined an International Red Cross team to audit the working conditions of miners at Kinross, the deepest mine in the world, some seven miles below the earth. Experiences like this began to shape Erich’s perspective on the world and one day, would profoundly determine his future career path.

Erich Hauser produced the “World of Investment” at the Los Angeles Convention Center bringing all the great economists of the world together in one forum. Included among the participants, Alan Greenspan, John Kenneth Galbraith, Eliot Janeway, and Milton Friedman.

Mr. Hauser Pioneered Wind Energy in the Altamont Pass, California with John Eckland, former Chief of Energy Research, Central Intelligence Agency for Fayette Wind Turbines, Virginia. He joined Cal-American Income Fund IV Real Estate Investment Trust/as Director, and later President of California Kaolin Clay Corporation/ /Parris/Lorraine Gold Peak Mining District.

Erich Served as Campaign Finance Chairman for the 23rd Congressional District race in California. Erich was commended by then Governor Ronald Reagan for his actions while stranded in the High Serra for 10 Days without food, and three with no water.

He is Founder, and Chairman of the Westwood Movie Dedications, “Monument to Film”, a Bronze film reel with the name and date of every film ever to win the Academy Award inlaid in terrazzo along Westwood Boulevard.

Through the eyes of a young American, Erich was profoundly struck by the plight of humanity. Location after location around the world became Erich’s class-room of study and research. After living through revolutions, civil wars, insurrections, military coups, Erich was caught up in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution which triggered his Exodus from Egypt.

Today Erich oversees a consortium of business leaders, and philanthropic organizations from around the world with the purpose of establishing an International Globalized transmission belt of innovative green technologies with R.I.O.S.S.T., Rapid Intervention Oil Spill Suppression Technology at its core.
Other professional associations include; Cal-American, Prentice Hall, William Morrow, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Los Angeles Press Club, General Electric, Rand Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell, Siemens, Silent Heroes of the Cold War. erich@avatarmgmt.com