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Christopher Hays

mg_7021Christopher is a Marketing Strategist. He has studied the psychology of the marketing conversion and has implemented many successful web-based marketing plans with positive consumer experiences. In the early 90’s he worked closely with AOL to direct content development for non-profits as AOL first started developing organizational landing pages (before actual websites were a reality).

Christopher has designed consumer marketing interaction for Motorola, Ford, National Geographic and a number of media outlets in addition to successful businesses he has founded. In addition to his marketing experience, he led a second life as an investigator protecting corporations from trade secret theft and economic espionage. As a prior fraud examiner, he worked with law firms, financial institutions and venture capitalists where he designed a proactive due-diligence model to recognize potential bad business deals in advance of funding.

Christopher is the Director of Communications for a CIA Cold War Pilot’s Memorial and a number of other investigative and intelligence organizations. CJ has also been active as a volunteer is all aspects of public safety from search & rescue to firefighting and law enforcement over the years.

Christopher says, “I have broad experience in business, life, technology and marketing. I have learned from my successes and failures, both personal and in business. The businessman I am today leads to the success and domination within our markets with a combination of traditional and outside the box solutions.