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Charlie Jarvis

Charlie JarvisCharlie Jarvis, Chief Financial Officer

Partner – Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of iQ Petroleum. Charlie Jarvis co-founded iQ Petroleum in 2007. Charlie Jarvis is on the board of GDIH as Global Businesses development and marketing. Charlie Jarvis is CFO of Clean Global Energy (CGE). Charlie Jarvis Is currently Chairman of a SPV energy and entertainment fund. He has held executive positions in cellular communications, finance and technology companies and is currently most recognized for the global relationships he maintains in finance and international business. Mr. Jarvis is the consummate consulting and facilitating professional contributing over decades of experience in the wealth placement business.

Mr. Jarvis has continued leading and expanding his network of clients throughout North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, hence sharpening his Global Reach. In this regard he maintains diversified clients that range from private businessmen to large corporations, financial organizations, humanitarian foundations and banks and has key relationship in the global energy field. His colossal resource network is key to iQ Petroleum’s and Joint venture partner’s ability to match prospective customer’s interest. His business transactions include the issuance of tailored financial instruments, private placement contracts, equity utilization and more. Maintaining strict control of disclosure of any confidential and proprietary information and the delivery of information in accordance to the business transaction is a hallmark and testament to the reputation Charlie brings to Golden Avatar Environmental and his Joint Venture Partnerships.