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Corexit in the news

COREXIT ® 9500: Corexit has been found to be toxic to cleanup workers and wildlife while breaking oil down, creating underwater plumes. The dispersant is released and the oil goes to the bottom. But then during the day, it heats up and the oil bubbles up to the surface. We refer to this effect as that similar to a “Lava lamp”.


Golden Avatar Environmental R.I.O.S.S.T. is an organic non-hazardous liquid oil remediation product. It reacts via 4 different formulations of the product that have been specifically engineered and created to chemically react at the molecular level with all known types of oil and bulk oil derivatives that when applied in technically accurate specific parts per million onto an oil spill, the chemical reaction with the oil breaks the molecular chain and modifies the PH balance, thereby causing the oil to revert back into its original protein form. Simply put; in its protein form the oil becomes an enzyme, or “fish food” and it is completely compatible again with the delicate balance of nature and the ecosystem of the ocean and/or freshwater bodies.

The public first heard of Corexit during the BP Gulf oil spill. Only after the spill looked cleaned up on the surface, did the public start hearing about its potential harm to the environment and the health effects on humans.

Through this news page/blog we will be bringing news on oil spill remediation to your attention.