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Oil Spill News March 2 2016

Oil Spill Cleanup Daily update⋅March 2, 2016 NEWS Pipeline expansion plan raises worries about oil spills KIRO Seattle Felleman points to an oil spill risk assessment by George Washington … Paul F. Zukunft, Cantwell asked Zukunft about readiness for oil spill cleanup. Flag as irrelevant BBC News Shell being sued in two claims over oil spills in Nigeria BBC News Two communities are claiming compensation and want Shell to clean …Read More

Oil Spill News February 27 2016

News of oil spills from around the world with no apparent solutions to clean the spill and not harm the environment, until now, hence our RIOSST oil spill remediation product line. Coast Guard takes over oil spill cleanup in 17th Street Canal NOLA.com–Feb 24, 2016 The Coast Guard says it will oversee cleanup efforts of an oil spill in the 17th Street Canal. According to a statement, about 900 gallons …Read More

BP Oil Spill Dispersant Study Published

We are glad this news is finally public so we have provided a list below of all the news articles surrounding the study published today on the ineffectiveness of Corexit. With this news it only makes sense to investigate other oil spill remediation like our product. In BP spill, dispersants did not help degrade oil, study says NOLA.com – ?Nov 11, 2015? WASHINGTON — The dispersant chemical that was sprayed on …Read More

Corexit in the news

COREXIT ® 9500: Corexit has been found to be toxic to cleanup workers and wildlife while breaking oil down, creating underwater plumes. The dispersant is released and the oil goes to the bottom. But then during the day, it heats up and the oil bubbles up to the surface. We refer to this effect as that similar to a “Lava lamp”. THE SOLUTION Golden Avatar Environmental R.I.O.S.S.T. is an organic …Read More